Open Council on Ukraine and Russia

26th Feb 2022; 0600 PM Copenhagen, Denmark


“Over the past few days, devastating news has shaken the world. Millions of people woke up to explosions in their neighborhoods, their world turned upside down. People living in Ukraine have been fleeing their homes, civilians becoming casualties of an invasion.

UN member state Russia’s armed forces, under a special military authorization by the President of the Federation of Russia have invaded and attacked another member state – Ukraine.

Two independent and sovereign states are now fighting with arms. While one is defending its freedom and democratic principles, the other is preaching insecurity, fear, and aggression. This is not acceptable by any standards of human civility. This is foremost not acceptable by international law, whereby any form of jurisdiction exercised by the President of Russia is absurd in the context of a geo-political conflict, concerning multilateral relationships.

Caught in this violence are innocent humans, who demonstrate their immense courage and determination to seek freedom, and to defend their rights.

Visible and verifiable evidence, from multiple sources, have now become public that innocent civilians are losing their lives. This is not only condemnable but justice shall now be brought to those who are suffering at the hands of the aggressor.

If it is indeed a philosophical conflict in the mind of aggressors, then they shall be heard in an appropriate global forum but not when they take cities (with millions of innocent human beings) hostage under an armed siege. This is then a barbaric act of state sponsored terrorism and nothing else. Aggressor’s strategy to shape a geo-political future using arms is a misguided notion of humankind.

Conflicts are resolved with talks not arms, with values and principles, and not with naked aggression. No man is beyond reproach”

“It is therefore our strongest appeal that an immediate ceasefire prevails”

Summary: All parties are urged to adhere to the ceasefire through sincere and honest dialogue, which should be mediated in compliance with international law. The integrity of cyberspace within sovereign countries must be respected, and it is essential that the Internet in Ukraine and Russia remains uninterrupted.

This is a public call for accountability regarding nuclear missile launch capabilities, with a focus on peaceful disarmament and potential consequences for state leaders’ actions.

Additionally, ensuring the safety of astronauts on the International Space Station is emphasized, while media personnel are urged to report truthfully and responsibly. Finally, there’s an appeal for global cooperation on green energy and sustainable development alongside enhanced global governance protocols.

We further appeal that:

a. All parties shall follow this ceasefire through diplomatic best practices with sincere and honest dialogue.

The dialogue between Ukraine and the Russian Federation should now be mediated in the presence of and in compliance with international law. Dialogue should take place in a neutral zone.

Agencies, such as the UN, SAARC, IMF, World Bank, International Energy Agency(IEA), and International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA), should continue to be Observation bodies for this dialogue.

b. Cyberspace covering a sovereign country shall not be breached.

It is our appeal that the Internet in Ukraine and Russia should not be disrupted to allow citizens to continue to connect with the global community.

We strongly appeal that a ‘no-fly’ air space zone over attacked and invaded regions shall be enforced, with the help of missile defence systems, installed in neighbouring neutral areas on the planet.

“The essential communications infrastructure on the ground should not be further disrupted.”

c. Accountability of public authority holding nuclear missile launch capabilities.

International law should aim to make stronger provisions for peaceful disarmament of nuclear ammunitions when a sovereign state invades another sovereign state.

The actions of the state leaders and the identified supporter group should be brought to a closer inspection by the International Court of Justice.

If, in the appropriate global forum, Russia’s presidency-led group’s actions are found to be culpable, it is our firm appeal to participant bodies that there shall be further proceedings for consequential disarmament of the state’s nuclear ammunitions.

d. The safety of astronauts on the International Space Station is vital.

All bodies, whether NASA, the Russian Space Agency, or ESA, should continue to cooperate in ensuring that the ISS stays in orbit and that the safe return of these citizens to the planet—whether or not they are affiliated with the Russian Space Agency, European Space Agency, or NASA astronauts—is ensured.

e. Media personnel worldwide should take extra precautions in reporting the observed truth. We appeal that journalists adhere to the best standards of journalism and their core value systems during this time.

It is the Foundation’s view that human society should continue on an accelerated path of global cooperation on green energy and sustainable development. Therefore, more substantial reforms in enforcing and establishing global governance protocols are now paramount.